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RotoWire.com is the leader in fantasy sports quality because of it's innovation and experience. Those of us at RotoWire.com love what we do, and that shows up in the quality of the work and the persistence our story.

In 1997, three Northwestern graduates, Peter Schoenke, Jeff Erickson and Herb Ilk, came up with an idea that changed the fantasy sports market forever: to provide real-time news and analysis for fantasy sports junkies like themselves. RotoNews.com was born and revolutionized the industry.

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Not long after they launched the site, the founders realized that the demand for real-time information was beyond even their wildest expectations. Suddenly, RotoNews was consistently ranked among the 10 largest sports sites in surveys by both Media Metrix and PC Data, topping such sites as FoxSports.com. RotoNews became so big that the owners decided to chase the same dot-com bubble as everyone else and sold the company to a West Coast corporation in 1999. In 2001 that company's management (which the RotoNews founders were not part of), misjudged the "new economy" and went bankrupt. RotoNews.com was stuck in bankruptcy limbo.

The RotoNews team decided to march on and continue to provide the fantasy news, information and commissioner services that served the industry so well, but as a new business: RotoWire.com. The tremendous changes in the Internet advertising market also caused the business model of the new web site to change and our content went from free to a pay model.

The same editors, writers, and programmers that made RotoNews.com the leading brand for fantasy news on the Web created RotoWire.com. Since our RotoNews days we've added some new faces, but the core group remains the same. Peter Schoenke, Jeff Erickson, Chris Liss, Jason Thornbury, Mike Doria, Tim Schuler, Derek Van Riper, Tim McCaigue, Shannon McKeown and Herb Ilk form the RotoWire.com team along with a large network of writers that kept our coverage the best on the web.

RotoWire winning $50k from The Fantasy Jungle League - 2007

Our goal is the same from back when we started: to be the best resource of real-time information and draft preparation for fantasy players anywhere. The business model may have changed, and competitors and knock-off copycats of our original concept may have emerged, but few will deny we still produce the most timely and thorough information on the web.

We're constantly trying to improve upon our original concept, so please give us your feedback. What can we do better? Please let us know.

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RotoWire has won more awards for its content and technology than any other company. RotoWire 24 of the 68 awards the FSWA has handed out in the past four years. The next highest company has seven awards over that period. RotoWire has also frequently won awards from the FSTA as well.

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