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Led by its flagship web site, RotoWire.com, RSI has a diversified mix of sports products that cater to the fantasy, gaming and casual sports fan.

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RotoWire.com is the world's leading fantasy sports information website.

RotoWire.com features the Web's top fantasy news for baseball, football, hockey, basketball, college football and basketball, auto racing, golf and international soccer.

RotoWire reaches 800,000 unique visitors and produces 15 million page views each month. RotoWire also sends weekly email reports to a subscriber list of 250,000 people.

With the innovative product offerings and strong fantasy news, the site has a captive audience with strong loyalty to the organization and its sponsors. The site's readers are young, educated, wealthy and web-savvy men.

RotoWire's fantasy news team features 14 full-time editors and a stringer network of more than 100 experienced writers covering each professional team and college conference. The RotoWire staff combs all the newswires and newspapers, watches live games and gets information directly from the locker room to keep fantasy sports players informed around the clock.

RotoWire also produces and hosts fantasy and sports content for a number of major partners such as:


DatabaseSports.com is the largest sports statistics and history database online.

DatabaseSports contains historical statistical information for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, the Olympics, auto racing and the NCAA mens basketball tournament. The site features easy-to-search information on stats leaders, players, records team histories and much more.

The site is not only a reference tool but also looks at players and trends from a statistical perpsective with such tools as the "Hall of fame monitor."

DatabaseSports.com was launched in February 2003 and has an audience of 200,000 unique users and 1.5 million page views per month.

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